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Caté / Up to Good was founded in 2014 and is the world's first caffeine-based soft drink from the coffee cherry. The pulp of the coffee cherry contains more caffeine than the roasted coffee beans. A bottle / can of Caté / Up to Good thus corresponds to about 2 cups of espresso.

Caté / Up to Good uses 100 percent natural ingredients crafted out of renewable resources. Thanks to upcycling, the fruit peels, which were not previously used in the coffee production, are turned into a delicious energy drink. Through direct and fair trade, Caté / Up to Good opens up significant income increases for small and independent farmers. Every sip of Caté / Up to Good promotes social projects in their respective producing countries.

Katjesgreenfood has completely redesigned the brand and will be launching the natural energy drink end of 2019 under the Up to Good brand in the US market.

Up to Good Packaging