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Veganz was founded in 2011 by Jan Bredack with the goal to revolutionize the classic food industry. The company has been the first vegan food chain store in Europe to offer products that are guaranteed to be animal (cruelty) free true to their slogan ”We Love Life”. With their own branches and distribution of their product portfolio through supermarkets and drug stores, Veganz quickly became the no.1 place for the vegan food industry in Germany.

Vegane Lebensmittel

With strong strategic partnerships Veganz has expanded beyond their borders into Europe with their products being available in more and more countries while delighting vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians alike. As of today, Veganz imports goods from over 30 countries worldwide and markets them throughout Europe to promote a plant-based lifestyle. In total, a range of over 4.500 vegan products from over 260 suppliers is offered. 

» We are very happy about the entry. With his strategic direction and his many years of experience Katjesgreenfood fits very well to us and we will be able to learn a lot from each other. «

Jan Bredack – Veganz