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Haferkater offers the first freshly cooked, customized take-away porridge made by traditional scottish receipe to the German market. With menus based only on freshly floured oats, water and salt various toppings (e.g. fresh fruits, compote, nuts and berries) can be added that make Haferkater a healthy choice in the convenience food sector. The company is currently rolling out their award winning porridge stations (DB Accelerator, Gastro Gründerpreis) nationwide.

Take Away Porridge Haferkater

Haferkater is the first snack product that meets the requirements of speed, freshness, individuality and Zeitgeist without being a sandwich. Freshly cooked throughout the day, their healthy, sustainable meals provide their customers with energy, can be customized as vegetarian or vegan as well as being taken to the office with little time available. Not least their competitive pricing makes it a viable alternative to bakery in an widely untaped to go breakfast market. 

» Especially in our current growth phase, we are very excited about having found a sustainable and innovative investor like Katjesgreenfood, who shares our values and visions for the future. «

Leandro Burguete – HAFERKATER